Sweet Saturday Samples

Welcome to Sweet Saturday Samples where authors post excerpts of their writing. My excerpt is from my romantic suspense, Redemption. Enjoy! And if you want to find more excerpts from some fabulous authors, click this link –> Sweet Saturday Samples.

Absently rubbing his aching thigh, he once again tried to put the pieces together. But instead his brain chose to think of the fire shooting from Hope’s eyes as they left Daniel Webster’s house. Damn but that spurt of life inside her had done something to him. Didn’t matter that he was the target of her anger, he’d been fascinated. Until he listened to what she was saying.

Hell, he knew he was scared. No big secret there. But when she oh-so kindly told him what he was scared of, he’d about run off the road. His feelings? Impossible. He didn’t have any feelings. Hadn’t felt anything worthwhile since Peru. So to be afraid of something he didn’t even feel—well, that was just ridiculous.

Your problem is you have too many feelings and you don’t know what to do with them, so you shove them behind that granite wall you’ve erected  around your heart.

That granite wall gave a loud crack, bits and pieces of it falling away, revealing what lay beneath. No, Hope Stewart had been wrong. There was no heart behind that wall. Nothing but a black hole where a heart once beat strong and sure. Before Peru. Before Angelina.

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One thought on “Sweet Saturday Samples

  1. Oh I’m sure there’s a heart there. Just takes the right woman to find it and nurture it back to health. I believe she’s the right woman. 🙂

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