Sweet Saturday Samples

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Today’s sample is brought to you by Her Dark Knight, due to be released November 28. Enjoy!

Her sadness drove into her, weakening her with its intensity. She was sad for him and for her.

“Where did you get this?”

Yanked back to the present by his harsh question, she took a deep breath. The room swam into focus, the desk and chair still sitting before the windows, the bookcases in their right place. And Chevalier in front of her, dressed not in medieval clothing but an expensive gray suit that matched his eyes.

His fingers touched her necklace, then skimmed the soft skin of her neck. Heat exploded inside her and centered on his touch. He did nothing more than touch, but it felt as if she’d been branded.

She struggled to shake off the remnants of the strange vision. Something weird was going on here.

Something otherworldly and something she didn’t want anything to do with, yet her feet refused to move to the door.

Their gazes locked, held. His was so familiar.

“It was a gift from my mother. Years ago.”

He lifted the silver key she’d worn almost her whole life and cradled it in his large palm.

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