Let the Baking Begin!

I’m a baker, not a cook. There’s a difference, in my opinion. Cooks like to make things like…dinner. They work with meat and potatoes and gravies and other such things. Bakers work with flour and eggs and chocolate and sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.

I love creating new desserts to take to Thanksgiving dinner but I’ve learned over the years that people like the basics. Like cookies and pies. Mainly cookies. So that’s my job during Thanksgiving. I’m in charge of everyone’s sugar high and, trust me, that’s exactly where you want me. You seriously don’t want me messing with the turkey. I did that one year and after we were finished eating we discovered I’d left the…what-d’ya-call-its…inside. You know the neck and innards. Really, people? Who sticks a turkey’s neck inside the cavity??? That’s just gross.

So this year I’m making my famous sugar cookies, which are actually my sister-in-laws famous cookies but my family has adopted them as their favorite. And I’m making a lemon bundt cake because that’s my husband’s favorite and at least for this Thanksgiving he gets what he wants (read my Thanksgiving day post [coming on, erm, Thanksgiving] for more information on that).

The baking has begun. The sugar cookie dough is rusticating in the refrigerator and the ingredients for the others are sitting on the counter because you can’t start these things too early. You make them too far ahead and people eat them and then you have nothing for dessert on Thanksgiving day.

So we all know people like turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing and green bean casserole for dinner, but what’s your favorite Thanksdiving Day dessert?


9 thoughts on “Let the Baking Begin!

  1. LOL…Sharon I left that bag of goodies in my turkey not once, but twice…and I love to cook. But have to admit it was the 1st and 2nd time I cooked a turkey…but it was funny.

    As for desserts, I love the standard pumpkin pie with loads of whipped topping! YUM…and this year I’m trying something new called Pretzel Jello…the picture looked amazing and it comes with high recommendations…so I’m hoping it’ll be a hit.

    Great post!

  2. I love everything about Thanksgiving dinner – from starting the baking a few days ahead to getting up at the crack of dawn to cook the actual dinner. Of course, it’s the only ‘large’ meal I cook pretty much all year! My favorite dessert: Fairy Pudding – it’s a vanilla base with graham crackers, real cream, egg whites…sounds bland and boring but when you put it all together it is Y U M!!

  3. I love chocolate chip cookies and am happy if they show up at every holiday gathering. But to pick a Thanksgiving Day dessert, I would have to go with Chocolate Cream Pie, the whipped kind, not pudding. Yum! Can’t wait.

  4. LOL! I actually do a huge turkey dinner for Christmas for my family and the hubby’s….Which I love doing and look forward to. It’s one of the few times I actually feel like I’m really cooking. Most of the time meals are just too rushed. But for Thanksgiving, we go to my dad’s which is 2 hours away. And I bring the pies. Pumpkin and my secret recipe apple… I’m famous in my family for my apple pies.

  5. Hi Sharon! I’m an all-american girl, nothing beats a slice of warm homemade apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream. Yum! Maybe I should go to Sara’s house this year and try her secret recipe apple pie! 😉

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