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I’m new-ish to this blogging thing. Kinda. What I mean is that I had a blog a long while back and abandoned it only to decide recently to pick it up again. My problem is coming up with ideas. Or at least ideas that are interesting to other people, because, you know, the purpose of a blog is to draw people in.

Anywho, all of this led to me do a Google search for blog post topics. Because I was procrastinating and didn’t really want to write or read. I came across this amazing site. Its a picture prompt. Every day they post a new picture and its supposed to get your creative juices flowing, I guess.

So I saw this picture and I think you’re supposed to write about what Christmas means to you, but that wasn’t what I saw when I looked at the picture. Immediately a story started to take shape and I thought to myself, “What a cool blog post. What if I post a picture and write a little blurb about it then ask other people what they see in the picture.” Slowly the idea took shape (over about a 10 minute period) and then I thought “What if I give my readers a Christmas gift. A story. Written totally off the cuff and posted in segments. Now that idea I tossed around for a good while. Do I have the time to write something like this? Do I have the energy? It’s the holiday season, after all, which means I have to juggle my outside job, my writing job and all the holiday stuff that comes along. But Joe and Christine wouldn’t let me abandon them. So (deep breath), here goes…

by Sharon Cullen

The holidays have arrived. The town is decked out in all its red and green glory, the streets are a slushy, gray mess and the snow just keeps coming. Bah-humbug. Or at least that’s how Christine feels. She could do without Christmas. While people are caroling and drinking their egg nog, she’s trying to finish up the biggest project of her career. If successful, it will launch her into the stratosphere of the marketing world. To accomplish her goal and finish her project by New Years day, she escapes to Pinemarsh. The place where people take their summer vacations–not their Christmas vacations. She fully expects peace and quiet. What she gets is something entirely different. The rental agency conveniently forgot to tell her that her cozy apartment with the view of the lake and the twinkling lights of the city one stop light is situated right above an Italian restaurant. A very noisy, very busy Italian restaurant owned by a very hot Italian chef.

Joe Rossi loves food, loves his family, loves a good laugh and a good beer–and not necessarily in that order. He spent nine very long, very stressful years as head chef in one of New York’s best Italian restaurants. He was touted as the most promising chef to come along in years. He’s published eleven cook books and even discussed having his own show on Food Network. Good things were happening to Joe but when the stress got to be too much and an accident nearly took his life, he knew he had to reevaluate and slow down. So he moved back home, to the place where it all began. The most laid-back, total-opposite-of-New York he could get. In Pinebluff he can create to his heart’s content and make his own hours.

The only burr in his side is his grumpy, but  beautiful neighbor who rarely smiles and barely says hello. In Christine, Joe sees his old self which makes him all the more grateful for what he has. Determined to spread his holiday cheer Joe decides Christine’s world needs a little less work and a little more fun and he’s appointed himself as just the man to do it.

Stay tuned for Part 1 of Joe and Christine’s story…


3 thoughts on “Picture prompt

  1. Awesome idea, Sharon! The blurb drew me right in. Can’t wait to read Part 1! I love Christmas stories, they are one of my favorites 🙂

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