Sweet Saturday Samples

Since it’s snowing outside, I thought this sample appropriate. This is from Redemption, available in ebook and paperback.

When he reached the overturned car, he bent almost in half, swiped at the snow on the driver’s side door and cupped his hands to peer in. Damn it, there was a body in there. He tugged on the handle. The door creaked and groaned as it slowly swung open.

Flexing and folding his fingers, he stared at the unconscious woman still seatbelted in. Clenching his teeth, he reached in and wiggled his hand in search of the seatbelt clasp.

Sweat trickled down his temple as he groped for the latch and found the button. He hesitated. If he released the seatbelt, she’d fall. That meant he had to catch her.
Taking a deep breath for courage, he released the belt and shoved his arms out, grunting as he took the weight of her. She groaned. Damn woman wasn’t even dressed for the weather. Where was her coat?

To get a better hold on her, he had to lay her on the ground. That crazy-colored white blonde hair of hers nearly blended with the snow and her head rolled to the side. Blood from her temple soaked into the ground reminding him of some macabre snow cone.

He hitched her up into his arms, ignoring the inner voice screaming at him to back away. Unfortunately for her, he was her only chance. Poor girl. As he trudged toward his cabin, kicked the door open and walked through the living room into the only bedroom, she remained unnaturally still. He placed her on the bed, then looked at her, hands on his hips.

So what now?


Running for her life…to a man who’d given up on it.

“Go to Callahan.”

Pregnant, alone—and with no memory of who she is—these words are the only thing Hope can hang onto as she drives through a blizzard, searching for the reclusive Callahan. And when she finds him, she’s not sure which of them is more in need of help and healing.

Haunted by the brutal murder of the woman he loved, the last thing John Callahan needs on his hands is an injured pregnant woman. But with the storm bearing down, he has no choice. Opening his home to her, though, turns out to be far from simple. Her unconditional acceptance of him, scars and all, opens windows to his soul he thought were forever sealed.

Then he discovers Hope’s true identity, and realizes his past—and a powerful enemy—has come back to haunt them both. Even as he races against time to save her, John has to wonder…

Is Hope his redemption? Or his downfall?

Nook | Kindle | Paperback



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