Books I read in 2011

In 2011 I wasn’t as prolific of a reader as I’ve been in the past due to a family emergency that took me away from my books. But I did manage to get some books read and I’m pretty impressed that I managed what I did. As always, some spoke to me more than others and some I couldn’t finish at all. Good or bad, here’s my list:

Favorite newly-discovered-by-me author: Laura Griffin. I have finally found a romantic suspense author who “gets” police officers. I can so tell she’s done her homework. I didn’t have to throw one book against the wall because she put a safety on a Glock or had her characters say “perp” (a term police officers don’t use). Come to think of it, I think she did use that term once or twice, but I forgave her for it because all of her other research was spot on. If you like romantic suspense, definitely pick up a Laura Griffin.

Favorite non-romance: The Help. ‘Nuff said.

Favorite historical romance: Lord and Lady Spy by Shana Galen. Loved the interaction between the two main characters and loved how strong, yet how vulnerable they both were.

Favorite contemporary romance: Cover Me by Catherine Mann. Another good story with two strong characters.

Favorite non-fiction: In an Instant by Lee Woodruff. The story of Bob and Lee Woodruff and how as a couple they overcame Bob’s traumatic brain injury. It was a story I needed to read since I was going through the same ordeal with my husband. Very inspiring book that made me realize I wasn’t alone on this long journey.

What book spoke to you in 2011? What book didn’t? What favorite author did you discover? Inquiring minds want to know.

City of Thieves David Benioff
The Final Detail Harlan Coben
The Girl Who Played with Fire Stieg Larrson
A Knight’s Enchantment Lindsey Townsend
Rebellious Desire Julie Garwood
Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage Jennifer Ashley
The Countess Lynsay Sands
The Secret Duke Jo Beverley
Bending the Rules Susan Andersen
Outrageous Christina Dodd
In Bed with the Duke Christina Dodd
Mad About the Duke Elizabeth Boyle
Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress Elizabeth Boyle
 A Knight to Remember Christina Dodd
Sinful in Satin Madeline Hunter
My Fair Temptress Christina Dodd
The Making of a Duchess Shana Galen
The Making of a Gentleman Shana Galen
Captive of Sin Anna Campbell
Blackthorne’s Bride Shana Galen
Untouched Anna Campbell
The Serpent Prince Elizabeth Hoyt
The Seducer Madeline Hunter
In An Instant Lee Woodruff
Sizzling Sixteen Janet Evanovich
The Soldier’s Wife Margaret Leroy
The Help Katheryn Stockett
Iron Lace Emilie Richards
Letters From Home Kristina McMorris
Heart of a Knight Barbara Samuel
Lord and Lady Spy Shana Galen
When You Dare Lori Foster
Cover Me Catherine Mann
Thread of Fear Laura Griffin
Unforgivable Laura Griffin
Untraceable Laura Griffin
Snapped Laura Griffin
Once Upon a Winter’s Eve Tessa Dare
Unlocked Courtney Milan

9 thoughts on “Books I read in 2011

  1. The one about the brain surgery sounds wonderful, I may have to read that. Right now, in my to be read pile is the history of cancer which I can’t remember the title to save my life at the moment. I discovered a lot of wonderful authors in 2011, but I think my favorite was Jonathan Safron Foer. I went through and read all of his books in 2011 because I was mystified by his writing, literally it’s magical realism. I think because you like romance books you should look into Everything is Illuminated by Foer.

  2. You’re like me with cops like I am about horses…it’s gotta be right.
    I picked up Kat Martin. Love her, and (modestly) think I sound a bit like her. I can’t remember titles from the time I set the book down. Great list, and I’ll have to check out that author!

  3. You’ve got a lot of my faves already on your list, Sharon! 🙂 But two new favorites (to me) were JoAnn Ross (I know, I’m the last reader on earth to ‘find’ her!) and Laura Kinsale.

  4. I hate to admit it, but most of the books I read in 2011 were learning the craft of writing 🙂 My favorite of the bunch was GMC by Debra Dixon…it broke it down so easily I had a huge AHA moment. LOL

    For pleasure I read some romance that I enjoyed and some true crime which I love (particularly true crime written by Ann Rule). Unfortunately I’m not one to remember titles very well, and I didn’t make a list. But…I did just sign up for Goodreads, so I’m hoping that will help me keep better track of what I’m reading and how much!

    Nice post Sharon 🙂

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