A friend of mine challenged her writing friends to sum up their 2012 goals in one word. My word wasn’t hard to come up with. Its a word that, I feel, defines my life and one I turn to for inspiration, hope and comfort.

My word is:

Believe in myself, believe in my talent, believe my dreams will come true. That’s my motto. My word. In the summer, after my husband’s accident, I clung to this word. I BELIEVED he would get better and I BELIEVED in the prayers being sent his way. When things get me down, when my writing career stalls or heads in the wrong direction, I think of this word and it pumps me up.

I BELIEVE good things will happen to me.

What is the one word that sums up your goals for this year?



13 thoughts on “Believe

  1. LOVE your word, Sharon…and I’m stealing it for myself. Which means I have 2 words: Doable and Believe…and I may steal Shiloh’s, too, because…well, it’s that kind of morning. So: Focus to make my goals Doable and Believe in the result. πŸ™‚

  2. I loved everyone’s responses….

    I think my word would be CHALLENGED. Which I will definitely be if I make my goals I’ve set this year, which is a good thing. I always work better if I’m under pressure and am forced to challenge myself and have to stay focused.

    Sara Walter Ellwood
    also w/a Cera duBois

  3. Do. Don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, don’t wish about it, don’t dream about it – DO it. That’s my word for 2012. What a great exercise. Putting all your goals into one word. Should make writing a synopsis a snap!
    Thanks for this!

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