10 Best Procrastination Techniques for Writers

Most days I can’t wait to get to the computer to write, but once I sit down something weird happens. All these other things seem so much more important than my wip. In my mind, I know I’m procrastinating. Writing is hard, regardless of what non-writers think. Its emotionally taxing and completely frustrating if your story line or your characters aren’t cooperating. Not that that’s an excuse not to write but… Oh, hell, sometimes I make it my excuse. And sometimes I make up all kinds of other excuses as well. Here are my favorite:

1. Clean off the top of my desk. After all, that junk is very distracting. Come to think of it, so is the junk in the drawers. So time to clean out the drawers too.

2. Now that the desk is cleaned off, it’s quite dusty. Must be dusted before I can think clearly.

3. Fingernails are too long, ragged, etc. Can’t type properly with fingernails like that. It’s time to cut them. But wait! Wouldn’t they look much better if they were painted? Of course now they’re wet and I can’t possibly type because I’ll ruin my manicure.

4. Must clean the computer screen. After all, if I can’t see to type, I can’t possibly concentrate. And a clean screen makes the blank white page so much…blanker.

5. Oooh, research books. Must flip through my research books that I just cleaned off the top of my desk. Never mind it’s not in the same time period as my current work in progress.

6. Oh, look! That would make a great plot for my next historical. Need to jot down some ideas for my next book. The book I can’t write because I haven’t finished my current book because I’m…PROCRASTINATING!

7. LUNCH TIME! Or snack time. Whichever comes first.

8. Wait! 452 new tweets? I must read ALL of them in case I miss something important.

9. Oh goodie, an email in my inbox. Who wants to talk to me?

10. Sheesh, I’ve neglected Words with Friends. All 13 games are waiting for my move.

What? The kids are home from school? Where’d the time go?!

What’s your favorite procrastination technique?


10 thoughts on “10 Best Procrastination Techniques for Writers

  1. Ha, I think my procrastination runs the same lengths, LOL A favorite of mine is, “I wonder how so and so handled a scene like this” and the next thing I know, I’ve got my nose burried in a book.

    Nice post!

  2. For me, it’s checking email and FB, and being a pantser! I like things neat and orderly, but when it comes to my writing there is no order and nothing is neat, lol! Great post, Sharon!

  3. Email, Facebook. I can spend hours messing around there. And, of course, changing the cat box, because no one can write with a messy cat box in the room…and ours is in my office.

  4. LOL, Sharon. Social networks are definitely a procrastination/time suck for me. I make myself ‘unplug’ a couple times each day so I’m not tempted to just-check-in-one-more-time. Other than computer stuff, I can always depend on bebe to help me procrastinate ….

  5. At least I didn’t procrastinate about getting over here to read the post! Research leading me astray to do even MORE research is one big one for me and also twitter! I love my twitter TOO much some days. Speaking of which……off to tweet.

  6. LOL….great post! I can find anything to procrastinate! All of what you suggested…and facebook, emails, laundry, maybe I’ll start dinner early, gotta call my sister, I’ll just critique someones chapter first because I’m behind…blah blah blah….I can go on and on 🙂

    Look at me know, I’m taking a ‘break’ from writing and I’m on blogs and facebook……hahahaha But I have to admit I’m getting some good words down today…so all is good…but considering this is the last day of my 5 days off..I should be much farther.

  7. LOL I love this post! I’ve used each of these. Also: My coffee/tea/water is cold, I need to heat it up. Oh look, the dishes from breakfast didn’t get done. And I should really put a load of laundry in the washer so it will be washing as I write. That way, when I’m done, I can fold it and put it away. Oh shoot, didn’t fold that last load, better do that now…Okay, time to sit down and write. Oh shoot, my coffee is cold. ; )

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