My Newest Addiction

I have a new addiction. Pinterest. O.M.G. I could–and have–spent hours on that sight.

Never been? Well, let me explain. Pinterest is your own, online, bulletin boards. You can create any sort of board. Options are endless. For instance, I have bulletin boards relating to recipes, quotes, ideas for an upcoming kitchen remodel, bling bling (jewelry I want but probably can’t afford), fun stuff… The list can go on and on.

The idea is if you stumble upon something on the internet that you like, you click the “pin it” link on your favorites bar in your browser. It will pin that page to the bulletin board of your choice.

Now, this is where  it gets interesting. You can “follow” other pinners. So, say you find someone who has the same taste as you, then you follow them and you “repin” things they’ve pinned that interest you. Or you follow other friends. Apparently you can set up your account so other pinners can pin things to your boards that they think you might be interested in. I have yet to figure this part out.

Now do you see why I’m addicted?

Websites are starting to get on the bandwagon too. They are now adding “Pin it” buttons to their pages which makes it even easier to pin something to your boards.

Ay, yi yi.

So, have you discovered Pinterest yet? And if so, what’s the most interesting thing you’ve pinned?



3 thoughts on “My Newest Addiction

  1. So funny you blogged about this today, Sharon! I signed up for Pinterest last night, lol! Still not sure what to do, but gonna mess with it tonight. Thanks for the info, it’ll help me set up my page 🙂

  2. LOL…I just started noticing this word being tossed around facebook…didn’t have a clue what it was. Thanks for explaining! Sounds like this has some potential to not only be addicting but fun!

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