Cutting Room Floor

<–What do you think of the spider made of scissors? Pretty creepy, huh? ::shudder::

Welcome to Cutting Room Floor where authors are welcome to post those darlings that had to be cut from their works-in-progress. We authors have issues with completely deleting what we term our “babies” so most of us keep them in files. I like to provide a place for those babies to be seen.

So if you’re an author, feel free to leave your darling in the comments section.

Mine comes from Wherever You Are, a pirate time-travel:

His soft words, his understanding and the warm look in his eyes had her anger dissipating so fast she felt deflated. She also felt like a fool and had acted like a fool in front of all these people. They probably thought her crazy at the very least. And maybe she was. After all, how many people could honestly believe they’d traveled through time? When Morgan said it wasn’t her world, he had no idea how right he was.



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