Six Sentence Sunday

Are you watching the Superbowl? Hanging with friends while the game plays on TV? Do you watch for the commercial? I myself am excited to see the Ferris Bueller commercial and the Seinfeld one too. I haven’t You Tubed them because I want to see them as they play on TV. The Cullens are hanging together today and chilling. I’ll probably curl up on the couch with my lap top and try to get some writing done between commercials.

Today’s Superbowl Six has nothing at all to do with sports. LOL. Enjoy!

Luke’s form floated past the kitchen window. The lights backlit him until he was nothing but a dark shadow against bright yellow.

She could have sworn their gazes touched, but that was impossible. She couldn’t really see him and he probably couldn’t see her. A breeze brushed past her and she shivered, clutching her arms about her waist and rubbing her elbows.

She felt more alone out here, looking inside Luke’s houseboat, than she ever had before.

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