Cutting Room Floor

Welcome to Thursdays Cutting Room Floor, where I post snippets of things that didn’t make it into my books, but I can’t seem to delete permanently. This is from my historical time-travel, Wherever You Are. Enjoy!!


She straightened, wondering if she’d imagined the whispered word. His face was closer than before, his dark gaze pinned on her lips. There was something about those eyes, something that seemed so familiar and warm. But thoughts of that flew out of her head when she realized his intent.

Oh, dear God, he wasn’t going to kiss her, was he? No, no, no. He’d had her flogged. Yes, she wanted to be near him. Yes, he made her feel safe, but that was it. There wasn’t more to her feelings than that, and certainly he didn’t think…  But he did. She could see it in his face, in his hooded eyes. He was going to kiss her!

Nook | Kindle | Paperback available March 2012


3 thoughts on “Cutting Room Floor

  1. I thought I had mine saved on flash drive, but after scouring around on a couple of them, I’ve come to the conclusion I deleted them. Which makes sense for me, since I’m sure they won’t ever fit another story, even though I may have liked them.

    As for your Sharon, I can’t believe that got cut…loved it. And I love the cover…gorgeous!

  2. Great snippet…Here’s mine. This is from Butterfly. I cut it after releasing the things Aida told Charli were repeated throughout the book and this scene really didn’t do much to the story. If I could have kept one little bit of it, it would have been this part here…


    Aida took the decision from her when she asked, “Have you found a manager for that old ranch yet? I still think Leon Ferguson could help you out.”

    With the mention of his name, Charli remembered Carter’s warning and wondered about that, too. “No, but I have a candidate I think may work out.”

    The older woman lowered her mug to rest between her hands on her lap. “Oh. Anyone I know?”

    “Dylan Carter.”

    Mrs. Pratt stared at her for a few moments with her lips compressed into a thin line. She set her cup on the coffee table and settled back in her chair. “May I be frank?”


    “Dylan Carter is a drunk who’s been mooching off his poor sister for nearly a year. I wouldn’t recommend him to my worst enemy.”

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