What makes a hero sexy?

So what makes a hero sexy to you? I’m not talking physical attributes (although those do help). I’m talking personality traits–something he does that just curls your toes.

For instance, in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, I think Ranger is all kinds of sexy when he merely says, “Babe”, to Stephanie. Oh, it just makes my blood pound a little faster.

Maybe its the way he looks at the heroine. Or the way he interacts with babies and kittens. Or the way he helps little old ladies across the street. Maybe its something altogether unexpected.

You know what it is for me? Its when a guy cooks. If I’m reading a book and the guy cooks up a meal for the heroine, I’m lost. For me its the sexiest thing in the world if a guy knows his way around a kitchen. He doesn’t have to be a gourmet chef or anything–he can make something simple, as long as he cooks. Ay yi yi. Now that curls my toes.

What does it for you? What does a hero have to do to make you melt?


9 thoughts on “What makes a hero sexy?

  1. I always enjoy a hero with a sense of humor. Especially in a romantic suspense when they are in a tense situation and he says something off the wall to release the tension or make the heroine feel more comfortable….I love that! And of course the picture of him I have in my head…that never hurts. LOL

  2. Love humor in heroes too.
    But what really curls my toes is when a hero protects the heroine without even thinking about it, and not from immediate things, but from small– possibilities. Like changing the blades on her windshield wipers to make sure her vision isn’t impaired, or swapping out the bald tires on her car for ones with tread. All these little seemingly innocuous things that add up to a deep concern for her welfare and safety.

  3. The alpha hero- to me has to have a sense of humor, as we all agree, but he has to have flaws as well, to keep him real.
    Good post,

  4. I love it when the hero sees the pain behind an individual’s eyes that others don’t see–because he’s known his own fair share of darkness and understands EXACTLY how it feels. He doesn’t even have to comment on it–but the heroine sees his recognition, his hard-won compassion, and suddenly she becomes aware that there’s a whole lot more to this guy than six-pack abs. This is the kind of man who will fight for others with an emotional intelligence that is as ferocious as it is irresistable. He has earned his “alpha” status. : )

  5. I’m gonna agree with what everyone else has said and then add honesty. Straight-up, in your face, honesty. Anyone can suger coat but a real hero says it like it is for me… Nice post.

  6. I’m going to have to say a good–quirky–sense of humor. I have a strange sense of humor and I love to laugh, so when a guy makes me laugh, my heart melts. My husband makes me laugh–and most of what he does he doesn’t do on purpose to make me laugh, lol.
    Also, if he has a calloused pair of hands and good forearms–that gets me going too.

  7. I like it when a man is a MAN. It tingles my toes when he opens the doors , calls me babe, and scrubs toilets. When he saddles my horse first, orders a glass for my beer, and talks babyish to my little dog. Oh wait! I just described my husband! LOL

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