Unique Book Cases

I’m not one of those people who think books are disappearing in this digital age. After all, we still use pencils even though we have computers. I definitely have a bookcase full of books as well as a Kindle full of books–I believe there’s room for all kinds of media. Which leads me to today’s post. Unique book cases. For some reason I was Googling book cases the other day and came upon a plethora of very cool ways to display your physical books. Here are a few I found and wish I could have:

Alphabet book case. How cool would this be in a classroom?

Staircase bookshelf. Except I would need a banister or I’d fall off the steps.

A book tree!

A Rubiks Cube bookcase! I so want these!!

Put a refrigerator in this for my diet root beer and I wouldn’t have to move all day!

I’m not really sure what this is. It looks cool but isn’t too practical. Plus I’d be afraid a book would fall on my head.

This doesn’t seem very safe. I’d feel like a gerbil on one of those exercise wheels. Come to think of it, maybe this is what I need 🙂

Now this is something I’d put in my house. Very cool!


9 thoughts on “Unique Book Cases

  1. Very cool! I posted a really cool bookcase on my facebook page….it was built into the ceiling of a room with a ladder to get to it. Loved it! I really like the tree one, chair and the one built into the steps. Some really cool ideas for sure!

    I wonder what my husband is doing this weekend…hmm…lol

  2. Wow. How about a beautiful mahogany wood with carved ends and a filigree bridge? What happened to those? Of course if you are really with the times, all you need is one little drawer for your Kindle!

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