Kitchen Remodel

This is completely off-topic of writing but I’m so excited and I can barely contain it. Since we got married my husband and I have always lived in older houses and therefore I’ve always had older kitchens. But not anymore! We decided something had to be done with our cabinets and pink (yes, pink!) counter tops. The cabinets literally fell apart every time we closed them. I’m not even kidding. The panels would pop out if we closed them too hard. They were chipped and so old that no amount of scrubbing would make them come clean. I’m almost embarrassed to say that even the contractor said it was in bad shape.

Last week my cabinets and counter tops were ripped out. YAY! Here are the before photos (pay special attention to the pink counters):


After day one:

We’re now at day 4 with no running water in the kitchen. It’s a pain but will be worth it. Of course we have to eat out a lot which makes my frugal husband twitch, but I’m not minding at all. No cooking!


8 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel

  1. Good luck with the remodel, Sharon! When we moved into our home a couple years ago, the kitchen was the first thing to go – bad linoleum, counters that were green and cabinets that were raw-wood, not finished. *shiver*

  2. I’ve been wanting my kitchen remodeled forever, too. But I think I’d rather get new carpet first. Your looks to be going well. I sure hope you post the “after” pictures when the remodel is completed. I’d love to see your results!

  3. YAY…congrats on the new kitchen. When my hubs and I first married our first house was an old fixer upper (loved it) and we redid the kitchen. My fil came to stay a few weeks with us to help because we did it ourselves. It was so much fun…and I remember by the time we were done I was tired of eating out. Can you believe that? lol

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  4. Remodeling is a huge pain, but so worth it in the end. When we bought our house we basically gutted it. LOL, I think back to that time and all the turmoil, but when I look at our house now, it was all worth it.
    LOL, our old counter tops were pink too–I say “were” because we ripped them RIGHT OUT!

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