What I Learned This Week

I’m a firm believer that you can always learn something from every situation. This is what I learned this week:

– That rice will dry out electronic devices. In some cases. But not mine :-(. I accidentally washed my son’s iPod. My fault. Not his. I grabbed his clothes off his bedroom floor without warning him and didn’t check his pockets. Then the next day he dropped his cell phone in a puddle. It doesn’t work right either anymore 😦

– That I should peek outside the door before I run out to grab something from my car. In my jammies. Sporting a major case of bed head (sorry, neighbor!)

– Nine days without running water in your kitchen has surpassed “fun” and “adventurous” and has entered into “inconvenient” and “a pain in the posterior”

– I hate packing lunches. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Okay, that’s not something I learned this week. I’ve known that for years, but just felt the need to share because as soon as I write this post I have to pack lunches for tomorrow 😦

– The term “bereaved” comes from Scotland during the border wars. I learned this from Margery Scott, a fellow writer and Scotsman herself (or would that be Scotswoman), from this blog post.

– That Paris during the 18th century was a filthy place to live. That 96% of its population was pretty much destitute and that most of its population were immigrants from other French cities or Switzerland. (All this was discovered while researching my next historical).

What did you learn this week?


8 thoughts on “What I Learned This Week

  1. Oh, I’m sorry your week is going that way, Sharon. Those aren’t fun things to learn. Here’s to hoping next week you learn fun thing 🙂 I learned that if you want it to rain (here in Michigan we’ve been under a no-burn/fire hazard warning for days) all you have to do is open your skylight window!

  2. the electronics/rice thing doesn’t work for me, either. Which I found after DH took his phone swimming last year. 😦

    What I’ve learned this week: copy-edits aren’t as bad as I’d imagined, no napping for the 3 year old is a great way to turn my hair gray, and the ‘guess how much i love you game’ (again, with 3yo) is my new favorite thing.

  3. I learned in many castles the flooring was uneven. They cut the legs of the furniture so it would sit level. (I guess they didn’t rearranging the furniture, much….) lol

    Replacing electronics can be expensive…bummer.

  4. Hope next week goes better for you!

    The rice thing didn’t work for me either when my daughter decided to wash her iPod because it was dirty…She wiped off the screen with a soapy cloth and then when she couldn’t wipe all the soap off, she rinsed it under the faucet…. I just shook my head and tried not to laugh at her—after I got over my intitial “YOU DID WHAT!!!!”

  5. I learned that just because a horse stops limping, that doesn’t mean they’re healed up. I learned that when my dog licks the same spot for 3 days, it’s more than an itch and more likely an abscess that burst. I learned that Betadine solution stains cotton clothing. I learned to only open the gate when the flock sheep are approaching, not before. I learned that asking my kids almost always achieves the same result as telling them to do something. I learned that my house doesn’t feel neat unless the bed is made. I learned that yes – I can stick my fingers in an open, bloody wound and feel around for a foreign object, then pick it out.

    And that was just this week…

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