Sweet Saturday Samples

Since the weather is so beautiful here in Ohio I thought I’d give you a snippet of Her Dark Knight, which also takes place in the spring. Enjoy and if you get a chance, follow the other authors’ Saturday Samples

He wasn’t going to be the one to tell her she didn’t get the job based on her resume but based on her eerie likeness to a dead countess. He steered her onto the entrance to the River Walk.
Normally Christien barely noted the changing of the seasons. When time held no meaning, seasons were inconsequential. He’d lived through hundreds of them but today he could feel spring in the air. The breeze was warm upon his face. The sun seemed brighter. He was aware that this new appreciation had nothing to do with Mother Nature but rather Madelaine at his side.

She brought new awareness to his life, an edge to a dull existence.
“I need this job more than anything. I have to succeed.”

“Why do you have to succeed?”

“Well. For the same reasons everyone wants to succeed.”

“Generally people want success for money or

power or to rise above bad situations. Which reason is yours?”

“Money,” she said softly.

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Samples

  1. First off, I think your book cover is smokin’ hot. The picture painted with your excerpts’ words put me in the scene with Christien and Madelaine. It looks like I book I’d like to read. Thank you!

  2. I like how Madelaine’s presence made him aware of springtime. Great scene. I’m looking forward to learning more about these two characters.
    By the way, your link on the Sweet Saturday Samples list took me to your January 28 post!

  3. Loved this sample. Especially her confession at the end. Interesting that she trusts him enough to tell him that. I see my TBR list is getting a new title.

    I had to wait for you to comment on my blog so I could follow you back to this one. The linky list sent me to January too! Same story, different place. LOL

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