Childhood Toys

My mother-in-law told my husband and his siblings while they were growing  up that everyone needs to have wanted something that they never received. For my husband it was the Tonka crane. To this day he still covets that Tonka crane.

My parents never subscribed to that view but there was something I wanted so badly and never got. The Fisher-Price A-frame house. My cousin had it and I was JEALOUS! I played with it every time I went to her house and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t as enthralled with it like I was.

So what about you? Is there something from your childhood you’ve always wanted but never got? Something in your adulthood you want but don’t have? Please share!


3 thoughts on “Childhood Toys

  1. What I wanted as a child and never got wasn’t a toy 🙂 I wanted a dog. From the rumor mill I heard we owned a dog before I was born and then when I was small, but I didn’t remember him.

    So, when I was newly married, a few months pregnant and alone in the evenings because my husband worked 2nd shift, he bought me a dog.

    Other than that I really can’t think of many toys I wanted. We grew up outside and most of our playtime was with imagination…and we were board game junkies and if we didn’t have the game, our cousins or neighbors did 🙂

    Fun post!

  2. Oh, the toys we covet. There were many – I would’ve made a great toy glutton if my parents had allowed it! But I think the thing I wanted the most and never got was a real Cabbage Patch Kid. I got the imitation – the kind crafters would make and sell at shows – but never a real-with-birth-certificate CPK.

  3. Fun post, Sharon! We grew up in the country with horses so we never played with toys much. Dolls and barbies were about it. Can’t remember wanting anything, but I’m sure there was something, lol!

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