Middle of the book panic

<– This is me. I’m in a bit of a panic right now. And really, there should be no reason for this panic but it suddenly came upon me.

I’m writing my second contracted book for Random House’s Loveswept line and I’m about halfway through with it. At least on word count I’m about halfway through. The problem is the story is completely outlined and according to my plot I’m over halfway there. So my word count is behind.


But that’s not all. I’m also in the middle-of-the-book slump. That part where I’ve been writing this book for so long I’m beginning to second-guess myself.

“It’s boring!”

“No one will like it!”


The problem is, I do this with every book I write. I go through this entire script of telling myself everyone will hate the book, that I’ll never make my word count, yada yada yada.

In the end, everything always turns out all right. The middle isn’t boring like I’d convinced myself and I always go over my word count. I can’t think of one time when I came in under my word count.

Yet, I feel this is part of the writing process–this insecurity.

You’d think I’d learn, wouldn’t you?


6 thoughts on “Middle of the book panic

  1. So many insecurities in writing, lol! I do it too, Sharon, and I’m sure many writers do too. Your books are wonderful and they always turn out all right so I know you’ll get through it 🙂

  2. I’m lol-ing at you, Sharon..I do something similar – only it doesn’t take me until the middle of the book. About the end of Chapter 3 It Hits. I don’t love the insecurity, but it is kind of comforting, in its own way…it’s something familiar in the midst of a new story. Still, I wouldn’t mind if it took a break…

  3. You’ll be fine. I promise. I think this is an every writer in the world goes through it kind of thing…
    Hugs, though.

  4. It’s so funny to me how most of us writers are so similar. You’ll be fine and everyone will love your book.

    Hey…in your picture..I loved your earrings…lmbo!


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