First Lines

First lines are so important to a story. It’s the reader’s introduction to you, your characters and your story. It has to be just right. Authors struggle over their first lines, sweat over them, lose sleep over them, change them, rework them, rip them apart, rewrite them and, yes, sometimes cry over them.

Below are the first lines from my books. As a reader do you have any favorite first lines? If you’re an author, what’s the first line of your current release or work in progress?

“No good ever came from opening a door without looking through the peephole. Or so Kate’s mom always said.” – From DECEPTION

“I hafta go potty.

Aiden’s alarmed gaze swung down to the China doll standing in front of him. He’d been sitting in the shadows of his porch, so engrossed in studying the fine legs of the woman in the driveway next door that he hadn’t seen the munchkin arrive on his step.” – From NIGHT SONG

“The guy at the convenience store told her to take the old logger’s road. Said it wasn’t marked, but she couldn’t miss it. That had been twenty minutes ago. She hadn’t counted on the steep, winding hill, the sheer drop to nothing or the snow the weathermen were saying was a blizzard in the making.” – From REDEMPTION

“Alex Juran’s breath condensed on the cold night air. He adjusted the brim of his John Deere cap and tucked his chin into his thin coat, straining to hear past the sounds of traffic a few blocks away and the mournful horn of a barge chugging down the river.” – From OBSESSION

“Sizzling heat reached out to her. Retreated, teased, scorched. A horrible shrieking sound filled her head. She tried to cover her ears but her arms wouldn’t move.” – From WHEREVER YOU ARE

“The fever was catching up to him. Slowing him down. Killing him.” – From HER DARK KNIGHT

“The babe was dying.” – From A FOREVER KIND OF THING


11 thoughts on “First Lines

  1. Those are some awesome first lines, Sharon. I know I slave over them and change them….

    Here’s mine from my current WIP (A Hunter’s Wings–book 3 of my Hunter’s Dagger Series)

    –Guardian angel Tarial beat against the barred door of the cage and a black burn on the palms of her hands was her reward.

  2. Love these, ladies!

    Mine is from Wild Horses…

    “Damn, it’s hotter than the devil’s backyard out here.”

  3. Wow, Sharon. Your first lines are so powerful. The imagery is a painting of words. Wonderful job. Here’s my first lines:

    Remedy Maker:
    Screams of the terrified echoed through the corridors of Rhycious’s mind. Shouts from warriors and cries of agony ebbed away. The pounding of his heart decreased.

    Portals of Oz:
    Abelia walked close to the shop walls as she peered into windows and gazed at the street traffic. Humans lived a much different life than Wood Nymphs in the Boronda Forest. Everyone here was in such a hurry.

    Trolly Yours:
    Kempor Aleksander was in the midst of bedding the most beautiful female Centaur in all Boronda. And he considered it dull.

  4. Truly awesome first lines, Sharon, and everyone else I just read. Here are a couple of my first lines:

    From current WIP Time Enough To Love: Betrothal:

    Where is he?
    Lady Alyse de Courcy walked with studied grace into the Great Hall, her face carefully composed into pleasant lines, hoping to mask her inner turmoil. He would be at dinner. Her stomach fluttered at the thought, her whole body racked with a sudden trembling anticipation of seeing him again.

    From 7 Days of Seduction:
    “Oh, shit!” Ashley Thompson’s head pounded out a fast, staccato beat, not unlike the new Nikki Menaj song on the radio. She clamped her hands over her eyes to shield them from the bright morning—or maybe early afternoon—light that filtered through the dusty mini-blinds. She breathed slowly, trying not to throw up. The worst fucking part of Friday night was throwing up Saturday morning.

    From Only Scandal Will Do:
    “Put her back in the carriage, now!” Her assailant snarled the brusque command, sending a shiver of fear through Lady Katarina Fitzwilliam.
    An unseen attacker seized and tossed her into the coach. Gagged, hands pinioned behind her back, ankles bound together, she lay trussed like a Christmas goose in a cramped bundle on the hard plank floor of the dim carriage, her diaphanous Grecian costume in ruins. Schemes for escape flashed through her head in a dizzying whirl.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Sharon!

  5. These are awesome first lines! Sorry I’m late in joining in, but here is mine from The Maze:
    She was going to die.
    That was fun, Sharon! Thanks!

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