What I Learned on Vacation


1. I embarrass my youngest daughter. Instead of making me feel bad (which, I believe, she’d hoped for when she told me that), I now feel my job is complete.

2. That the bottle of sunscreen isn’t lying when it says “reapply”. Ummm. Ouch?

3. That I am turning into my parents because I like to torture my children by dragging taking them to boring historic cities and forcing them take the walking tours. You would have thought I was torturing the 18 year old. Okay, I was torturing her. I did sorta, maybe extend the walk just a little bit.

4. To never, ever, ever believe my husband when he says something is only “a 15 to 20 minute walk.” Yeah, right. The Tiki Bar he was referring to was a 50 minute walk! One way. Okay, sure, it was on the beach, at night. But still. He owed me a lot of pina coladas for that one.

5. That the beach really, truly is heaven.

6. That I am way too poor to afford a house on the beach.

7. That if I could afford a house on the beach, I’m not so sure I’d get a whole lot of writing accomplished.

8. That the above mentioned Tiki Bar had HOT bartenders who all looked like ex-NFL players. Hmmmm. I feel a story idea coming on here.

9. That vacation time with the husband and kids is the best time ever. Bar none. Hands down.

10. I hate, hate, HATE palmetto bugs–>


6 thoughts on “What I Learned on Vacation

  1. Awesome post Sharon…a house on the beach would be great and I found a couple along the Maine coastline I wanted too but my husband just kept shaking his head at me. Hmmm…lol…I can dream though right? And my husband does the same thing with walking and driving…it’s 10 minutes..tops…thirty minutes later we still aren’t there! hahahaha

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