Summer Randomness

Today I had my author pictures taken. I’ve been putting them off all summer because 1) I didn’t like my haircut. I mean, I liked my haircut, I just didn’t think it looked author-ish. (I don’t want my hair stylist to read this and think I hated my hair style. I didn’t, Kelly! Swear!). 2) I didn’t know what to wear. 3) I really don’t like being on that side of the camera and 4) As with most women, I wanted to lose some weight.

When my editor called last week and said she needed my author pic by the 15th I had a mild moment of panic. Luckily the photographer was able to get me in, my hair had grown out a bit and I’d lost a few pounds since the beginning of summer. The only worry I had left was what to wear. I quickly solved that problem by going with black. You can never go wrong with black. It matches everything and its slimming.

So, I can now check author pics off my to-do list and I’m extremely excited to see the finished products.

My next point of business is a new website. More choices, more decisions to make.

Last week I started writing two new stories. I’ve never written two stories at once and it’s a bit mind-boggling. Not to mention that I have a deadline in November.

I’ve been watching the Olympics every single night. For someone who doesn’t watch much TV, that’s pretty amazing. The swimming had me riveted to the television. In 2008 I cheered for Michael Phelps but this year I found myself rooting for Lochte. And who can not like Missy Franklin. So sweet and fresh. And that smile is contagious!

So that’s been my summer so far. What have you been doing this summer?



2 thoughts on “Summer Randomness

  1. What? No sneak peaks of your author pic?? I watched 1.5 nights of the Olympics because I’m so busy with my book release I’ve had little time for anything else. I miss my old life, the one where I could sit at the table and eat a sandwich. Nowdays, I eat over the sink. Good luck on your new stories, Sharon!!

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