The countdown has begun…

Summer ends for my family on Monday. That’s when all the kids go back to school. You’d think I’d be happy. I’ll have more time on my hands, an empty house, no one under foot.

But I’m not.

I’ve always hated the end of summer. It makes me sad 😦

I think because it forces me to realize the kids are getting older. Another summer gone, another school year under way. Another year behind me and too few in front of me with the kids. Soon they’ll be leaving. Really soon. My oldest is 18 and while she’s moaning and groaning that she decided to stay at home and go to college, I know the day will come all too soon when she does eventually move out.

I’m also not one for routine. Some people thrive on it, can’t function without it. Not me. I like every day to be different. I don’t like getting up Mon-Fri at the same time and do the exact same thing each time. I like variety and if school is anything, it’s routine.

Today I went to the grocery store and was sad because next time my little grocery shopper helper won’t be with me and I’ll have to do it all alone. I won’t find unexpected things in my basket. I won’t hear giggles because someone tried to sneak something in my basket. I won’t have anyone to talk to. Sheesh. I’m depressing myself.

For my husband the end of the school year is sad. Not because the kids will be home for three months. Well, that might be part of the reason. But because for him the end of the school year signifies that the kids are getting older.

So what about you? Does the end of summer depress you or are you ready for school to start?


8 thoughts on “The countdown has begun…

  1. We moved over the summer so starting school is interesting. Our second grade son was excited but as it has gotten closer, he is scared. Tonight is meet the teacher and the excitement is building again.

    Personally, I love the beginning of school. Its new beginnings and it signifies the start of football season and fall. I live in Texas so I’m ready for the cooler weather. Husband gets weepy at the end of the school year. He’s alot like your husband. He doesn’t want our son to keep growing. 🙂


  2. Hi Sharon – I’m with you, I wish summer would last forever. My reasons are different from yours, though. The start of another school year means the rush in the mornings. Are backpacks filled? Lunches made? Clean PE clothes available? Are there enough socks for the week? Can I possibly get out the door by 7:30am, drop kid #1 off at Jr. High and still make the Elementary school bus??

    Summer is a wonderful time.

  3. Oh I’m with you, Sharon. Back to school depresses the heck out of me. My kids are older now: one in college the other starting grade 12, but still get depressed. And when my kids were smaller my depression would start the middle of August, lol. I love having my kids around.
    and yes, they are getting older…I don’t want them to ever move out, lol.

  4. I HATED when Brandi went back to school. Just hated it. We had so much fun during the summer–riding, picnicing, fishing, that it depressed me to no end when she had to go to school.

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