Fall Colors

This is my backyard and what I look at when I write. Does it give me inspiration? Sometimes. If I’m stuck I stare out the door at those trees. In the summer they’re lush and green and it seems like the backyard is much closer than it really is. In the spring I love watching the smaller trees bud before the bigger ones and in the winter with snow on the ground it looks like a winter wonderland. But this is when I like to look at it the most. It’s like liquid gold when the sun shines through the trees. Right now the back door is open and a warm, fall-ish breeze is floating in, the smell of autumn circling through the room.

This time of year never lasts long enough for me. Just a few short weeks and the spectacle of color gives way to harsh, bare branches. But I always have next fall to look forward to.

What do you love most about fall?


11 thoughts on “Fall Colors

  1. I love the colors and I also love the smells. The crips, crackling air, the smell of leaves burning (weird huh? LOL) and the cooler weather. Fall is my favorite season…full of expectation…..school starting, the beginning of the holidays season…just love it!

  2. Something about the cool air mixed with the special scent of fall. I reminds me of childhood happiness…and I get all giddy inside. Beautiful picture, Sharon. You have a lovely backyard.

  3. What a wonderful backyard! Over here in UK and Ireland, backyard means something concrete with maybe a washing line on it — do you know what I mean? Yard over here kinda means industrial as opposed to a beautiful, inspiring landscape! Thanks for clarifying that for me, Sharon!

  4. I love Fall–and I agree, it is too short. The maple trees around my place are all lit up. The air is crisp–seems cleaner. The horses have their winter coats, I seem to have more energy. After a long spring and summer of yard work, I can now put my gardens to bed.

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