Cutting Room Floor

Welcome to Thursdays Cutting Room Floor, where I post snippets of things that didn’t make it into my books, but I can’t seem to delete permanently. This is from my historical time-travel, Wherever You Are. Enjoy!!


She straightened, wondering if she’d imagined the whispered word. His face was closer than before, his dark gaze pinned on her lips. There was something about those eyes, something that seemed so familiar and warm. But thoughts of that flew out of her head when she realized his intent.

Oh, dear God, he wasn’t going to kiss her, was he? No, no, no. He’d had her flogged. Yes, she wanted to be near him. Yes, he made her feel safe, but that was it. There wasn’t more to her feelings than that, and certainly he didn’t think…  But he did. She could see it in his face, in his hooded eyes. He was going to kiss her!

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Cutting Room Floor

<–What do you think of the spider made of scissors? Pretty creepy, huh? ::shudder::

Welcome to Cutting Room Floor where authors are welcome to post those darlings that had to be cut from their works-in-progress. We authors have issues with completely deleting what we term our “babies” so most of us keep them in files. I like to provide a place for those babies to be seen.

So if you’re an author, feel free to leave your darling in the comments section.

Mine comes from Wherever You Are, a pirate time-travel:

His soft words, his understanding and the warm look in his eyes had her anger dissipating so fast she felt deflated. She also felt like a fool and had acted like a fool in front of all these people. They probably thought her crazy at the very least. And maybe she was. After all, how many people could honestly believe they’d traveled through time? When Morgan said it wasn’t her world, he had no idea how right he was.


Cutting Room Floor

Its that time of the week again! Cutting room floor. This is the time I invite authors to post those darlings that didn’t make it into their wips but for whatever reason they’re unable (unwilling?) to delete those words entirely. I have to admit, I have pages and pages of cut scenes and lines that I simply can’t part with (Her Dark Knight has 85 pages alone!)

So here’s mine from The Notorious Lady Jane, my pirate historical (not sold yet):

He turned away from the window and limped toward the library where Isabelle and Morgan had been sequestered all morning since the rain kept everyone from the ships’ repairs.

Her voice drove him forward. The soft murmur that haunted his dreams in the middle of the night propelled him toward her. He couldn’t understand the words but it didn’t matter. Her voice alone was enough.

Pausing at the closed door, he pressed his hand to it. By opening the door and stepping in he would turn his back on everything he knew, everything he was, everything he’d hoped to be. He couldn’t fool himself into believing otherwise. Was it worth it? Could he do it?

He closed his eyes, so tempted to turn around. The lure of walking out of the house and never looking back was potent, but not overwhelming. He was being lured to the dark side and was powerless to stop it.



Cutting Room Floor

I’m a writer (well, duh, you say) which means that every single word I put on a page is my baby. Every. Single. I birthed those words and sometimes, a lot of times, it hurt! But not every word makes the final cut. A lot of them–a LOT–have to go. Either because they slowed the pace down, the scene changed or it was out of character. But I can’t simply hit the delete button on those babies. Good or bad, they’re my words. So I keep them, and for every book I write I create a folder called “Cutting Room Floor.Insert name of book”. That folder stays with me because sometimes, not often, but sometimes I’ll use those words again.

They’re good words, sometimes really well written paragraphs that make me want to cry when I can’t use them. So I decided to make a use for them. Each week (I’m thinking of Wednesdays, but we’ll see how it works), I’m going to post something that made it to the cutting room floor. And I’m going to encourage other writers to post their cutting room floor snippets (because most of us simply can’t let loose those babies).

Today’s cutting room floor comes from my newest release, Her Dark Knight (where I have a whopping 85 pages of cut scenes):

“Are you certain of this?”

She hesitated before nodding and he took satisfaction in the small hesitation. It gave him hope. It seemed lately it was the only thing he could keep hold of—his hope.

“You will call if you need me?”

“Your number is programmed into my phone.” Her whiskey-colored eyes were huge and moist with perpetual unshed tears.

“I hate to leave you here alone,” he admitted, but stopped before he begged her to return with him.

“I’ll be fine.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek. A sisterly, affectionate kiss that seared his skin where her lips had touched and left him wanting more.

“I’ll be fine.” She stepped back.

His cue to leave. He moved toward the door, hesitated, then walked through, closing it firmly behind him. For long moments he stood in the hall, listening to her move about. He even placed his hand on the door, but felt only cold wood.

We’re very much strangers, she had said and Christien had to fight to keep his breathing even, to keep her from seeing how much her words had hurt. Yes, to her they were strangers.

But to him, she was everything.