Six Sentence Sunday

Its that time again. Six Sentence Sunday! Because its so cold and windy and, well, cold, I wanted something that will warm us up. A sexy female pirate, a hot nobleman and an even hotter tropical island. This is from The Notorious Lady Jane (as yet unpublished):

Reed sighed and turned to her. The heat was stifling, the breeze non-existent. Sweat dampened his shirt, plastering it to his chest, outlining the chiseled muscles beneath. Muscles she’d laid her hand against for the glorious moments she kissed him.

She turned her gaze back to the blasted barnacles, refusing to look or be tempted.


She closed her eyes at her whispered name, willing him away. Maybe she should build a bloody dungeon to put him in.

Six Sentence Sunday

This past week I’ve been laid low by a nasty something-or-other-that’s-been-going-around. I’m proud to say I’m now nearly 48 hours cough medicine free as of this writing so things seem to be on the upswing. In honor of whatever-it-is-that’s-going-around, I present my six sentences.

Tess is a baker and is extremely busy at Christmas time but she’s caught pneumonia and her business will suffer if she doesn’t get those cookies baked. To help her out, Alex, her estranged husband, has stepped in to help. Except Alex doesn’t know his way around a kitchen…

She stopped in the doorway to her kitchen. Alex sat at her desk, gold wire-rimmed glasses perched on his nose as he read a recipe card. Two days of beard growth covered his cheeks and jaw. Flour and a yellow sticky substance she didn’t want to identify were smeared over his jeans and T-shirt.

Papers spit out by the fax floated onto a pile on the floor. Othello was in the corner, scarfing down black, charred cookies while Tony stood in the middle of the kitchen, an oven mitt on each hand, looking at her with wide, innocent eyes.

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A killer’s obsession could destroy their second chance for love.

A Love on the Edge romance.

Only a year ago, Officer Alex Juran and his wife Tess had it all. Love, a solid marriage and a baby on the way. Then in one heartbeat they lost everything.

Now, Tess is doing her best to move on. She has a thriving business and while she may be lonely at times, she’s proud of the new life she’s built without Alex.

Two days before their divorce is final, Alex is shot in the line of duty and left for dead. He faces a difficult recovery so Tess finds herself postponing the divorce and offering to care for him until he can live alone again.

At first, cohabitation is little more than combat. Alex’s incapacitating injuries, the looming divorce, and his inability to remember who shot him have him lashing out at the nearest target: Tess. When someone begins stalking her, he suspects his shooter has returned. Convinced that Tess is in danger, Alex becomes desperate to recover his strength.

Because no matter how much she’s hurt him in the past, they’ve been given a second chance—and he’ll do anything to protect his wife.

Six Sentence Sunday

These six sentences are from my romantic suspense, Obsession. About a husband and wife trying to find their way back to each other. Keeping with the Christmas/holiday week, this scene takes place around the Christmas tree.

“You got rid of me. What’s a box of ornaments?”

She sighed, pulled her hands up into her sleeves and stepped closer to the tree. “Getting rid of the ornaments would have hurt more than putting them on the tree.”

“So you want the memories, just not the person attached to them.”

She spun away. Instead of mere inches separating them, a couch, a dog, five years of marriage and six months of separation lay between them.

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Six Sentence Sunday

From my current work in progress, The Notorious Lady Jane. Enjoy!

Reed paused, caught up in the scene before him. Not of the flowers, though they were a sight to behold, but of the woman. The enigmatic Isabelle Hamilton Sutherland was as beautiful as any of the exotic flowers blooming along the tree line. As beautiful and as mysterious. And like those flowers with their velvet soft petals, he wanted to pluck her, to explore her depths, to hold her in his hands and examine her beauty.

Six Sentence Sunday

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My six sentences are brought to you by Her Dark Knight, due to release on November 28. Enjoy!

Quickly she slipped on her shoe and slid off the
stool. Throwing a “thank you” back to the stranger,
she hiked the strap of her purse over her shoulder and
was preparing to plow through the crowd when she
spotted him. At least she thought it was him. It had to
be. No one else wore such an exquisitely cut suit or
commanded the attention he did. The people around
him kept a respectful distance, creating a bubble of
calm amid the frenzy of the dancing.

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Six Sentence Sunday

Today is Six Sentence Sunday which means a group of authors post six sentences they’ve written. My six sentences are from my paranormal historical Wherever You Are. Enjoy and if you want to read other great authors, click here.

“You running from something?”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s the reason most people stow away though I have to admit, you’re my first female stowaway.”

Her instincts told her to keep her time-traveling a secret. They probably didn’t burn people as witches anymore but she’d keep quiet all the same. Better to go with the stowaway story until she got her bearings.






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Six Sentence Sunday

Time for Six Sentence Sunday where authors post six sentences of their writing. This is from my November 28th release, Her Dark Knight. Enjoy! And if you want to read other’s six sentences, go to Six Sentence Sunday to find some more fabulous authors.

When time held no meaning, seasons were inconsequential. He’d lived through hundreds of them but today he could feel spring in the air. The breeze was warm upon his
face. The sun seemed brighter. He was aware that this new appreciation had nothing to do with Mother Nature but rather Madelaine at his side.