My Bucket List of Places to Visit

It’s time for Friday’s Five! This week I’m listing the top five places I want to visit.

(These aren’t in any sort of order. I’m not picky about what comes first)

1. Scotland – I picture lush green grass, hills and castles. I really, really want to see some castles. Oh, and men in kilts. Can’t forget the men in kilts. And I want to hear the accents. Sigh. The accents

2. England – Anywhere in England. I’d love to see an old English pub and more castles (do you detect a theme here?). I actually have family in England. Well, extended family. My brother-in-law hales from York, I believe but lives in the US now. Why, I don’t know when he can live in ENGLAND.

3. Paris. For the usual reasons. Because it’s a romantic city, because it has so much history and because I’m writing about it right now and would love an up close and personal look. I actually have an invitation for a girl’s weekend away with my SIL in Paris. Wish I could afford it 😦

4. Venice – Part of the book I’m writing now is set in Venice and from my research it sounds like a beautiful, romantic city. Plus I want to ride on a gondola.

5. The Mediterranean – Blue, blue water. White sands. If I had to pick one place, just one, to visit, this would be it.Okay. Your turn. Where would you like to go if you had the chance?