Fall Colors

This is my backyard and what I look at when I write. Does it give me inspiration? Sometimes. If I’m stuck I stare out the door at those trees. In the summer they’re lush and green and it seems like the backyard is much closer than it really is. In the spring I love watching the smaller trees bud before the bigger ones and in the winter with snow on the ground it looks like a winter wonderland. But this is when I like to look at it the most. It’s like liquid gold when the sun shines through the trees. Right now the back door is open and a warm, fall-ish breeze is floating in, the smell of autumn circling through the room.

This time of year never lasts long enough for me. Just a few short weeks and the spectacle of color gives way to harsh, bare branches. But I always have next fall to look forward to.

What do you love most about fall?



Yesterday my youngest and I dragged out the Halloween/Fall decorations and decorated the house. Today is October 2nd. I have to remind myself of that because on one of my social networking sites a friend was talking about Christmas shopping.

She said she usually has a closet full of Christmas presents by now and hasn’t even started shopping this year. She was heading out specifically to Christmas shop!

This is foreign to me.

I start my Christmas lists in August and add to it as I surreptitiously listen to my children. But to shop? I don’t think so.

Usually my husband and I will take my list and knock it out in a few evenings of shopping in mid-December.

So what about you? Do you Christmas shop early or do you wait until the last minute like me?