Happy September 14th

Today on Friday Five I’m talking about today – September 14th

Sept 14th is the 257th day of the year. Why is today such an important day, you ask? Why, I shall tell you.

Today is:

National Cream Filled Donut Day. While I’m not a big fan of cream filled donuts, I am a fan of donuts in general. It’s been ages since I’ve had one because my hips and butt don’t appreciate when I eat them. My favorite donut is blueberry. I wonder if there’s a blueberry donut day?


Eat a Hoagie Day. A hoagie is also known as a sub. I love subs. Turkey, swiss, mayo, pickles and tomatoes are my fave sub ingredients. Hold the onions please.



National Anthem Day in the United States. A tribute to Francis Scott Key who penned the popular song that became the US anthem on this day in 1814


Pet Memorial Day. For all our furry (or maybe not so furry) family members that have passed.




On this date in 1752 England and America adopt the Gregorian calendar and had to skip Sept 3-13th. Imagine if it was your birthday that was skipped?



Now its your turn to tell me what your favorite donut is….