Dawn Soap Is the New Duct Tape

I learned two new things this past weekend that blew me away and gave me a new appreciation for Dawn dish soap.

1. I saw this on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a whirl because I’ve yet to find a really good shower cleaner. Until now. Here’s what you need:

1 cup Dawn dish soap

1 cup vinegar

Put in a spray bottle and shake. Spray it on your shower walls, let it sit an hour or two and wipe the walls down with a sponge.

OMGosh! This worked really well! The shower walls shone as well as the silver knobs.

2. I had two shirts that I didn’t wear all summer because they had oil stains on them. One from the Pam I was spraying while cooking dinner and the other when I dripped mayonnaise on it. I washed the shirts right away but the stains set so I hung the shirts in my closet where they stayed all summer. Why I didn’t throw them away, I don’t know. But one day I was thinking that Dawn is the grease fighter, why wouldn’t it get the grease out of my shirts? So I poured Dawn on the grease stains, let them sit, then washed them. For good measure I washed them twice without drying in between.

Guess what??? The grease stains came out and now I have two practically new shirts!

So what’s the best household cleaning tip you have? Please share.