My Five Favorite Heroines

For today’s Friday Five I’m talking about heroines. I like a heroine who is flawed, funny and overcoming a major obstacle that either happened in her past or she’s dealing with at the opening of the book. She also has to be strong enough to put her hero in place, but I don’t want her stronger than the hero.

So here they are, in no certain order:

1. Stephanie Plum – Janet Evanovich’s Plum series – contemporary. Stephanie’s humor is legendary and while she readily admits she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she still tries.

2. Laura Townsend – Catherine Anderson’s My Sunshine – contemporary. Laura is my favorite heroine of all time. After suffering a brain injury and losing her career, Laura must learn to cope with a new life.

3. Diana, Countess of Arradale – Jo Beverly’s Devilish – historical. Ms. Beverly picked a perfect heroine for her famous Rothgar. Diana is rich and strong willed enough to face down the formidable hero and the king himself.

4. Claire – Diana Gabaldan’s Outlander – historical. Outlander is one of my top five favorite books of all time so it makes sense that Claire makes this list. Although Gabaldan doesn’t consider Outlander a romance. Claire is a spunky 20th century woman who finds herself in the 18th century with a sexy Highlander.

5. Samantha Jellicoe – Suzanne Enoch’s Suzanne Jellicoe series – contemporary. Samantha is a thief who is caught by a sexy billionaire while she’s trying to steal from him. This is a five book series that I wish would never have ended.

So who are your favorite heroines?



Ranger or Joe

I’m not gonna lie, I can’t wait for this movie to come out this Friday. I’ve read all of the numbered books and a few of the between-the-numbers books. But it took a lot of convincing to get me to read them. I’m not a fan of first person. I like to read multiple point of views and so I held off on this series until my then critique partner told me I had to read them. Oh. My.

That summer I read all of them. I think at the time there were thirteen or fourteen . Yup–read them all in one summer. As soon as I put one down , I picked the other up .

So, the big question is: Ranger or Joe?



I’m a Ranger fan myself. Oh, I know, Joe is the stable one, the one you bring home to dinner at your parents.

But Ranger…

Oh, my ::fanning face::. Ranger is the bad boy, the exciting one, the dark and mysterious one. Joe is the one you settle down with AFTER playing with Ranger. I mean, come on, who else thinks Ranger’s, “Babe” is sexy as hell?

Janet Evanovich is brilliant. As a romance author I strive to strike a balance with my hero–bad boy with a soft, inner core. A bad boy that a woman can eventually tame and turn into that stable man we all want. Janet threw all that out the window. Instead she created two heroes–the light and the dark, the bad and the good. Its what keeps us reading–who will Stephanie choose?

Who would you choose?