Kitchen, Graduation, Editor meetings and Summer. Life as usual…

I’ve been absent for a few days. Okay, more than a few–more like ten. I’m so, so sorry. Life has been crazy and here are a few reasons why:

The kitchen remodel is finally finished!!! So I’ve been painting. Except we picked a color, began painting, realized we hated the color and had to start all over again. Blech. But the good news is that we love the second color we picked and the entire mess, er, project is complete.

Just in time for….

My beautiful daughter’s high school graduation. Oh, my. What a whirlwind weekend this has been. Graduation was beautiful and very, very emotional for me. I cried, I smiled, I cried some more. Then my lovely husband leaned over in the middle of the ceremony with tears in his eyes and said, “Remember when we sent her off to kindergarten.” That was all it took for me to really cry. But we’re so proud of her and a little relieved that she will be living at home while going to college. I’m not ready to let go just yet.

As if this past weekend wasn’t filled with enough festivities, on Friday I got to meet the wonderful Sue Grimshaw who just happens to be my editor at Random House. We had a lovely chat and talked about books, family, hobbies, books, books and more books.

So today is the first day of summer for the Cullen family. I’m still recuperating from the weekend, but plan on getting back to my blogging schedule.

Happy summer, everyone!!!




The Kitchen Remodel from Hell

People have been asking so I thought I’d post more pictures. Not that there has been any development. We’re  in day… Well, I’m not sure what day we’re in. Infinity? It seems like it. We’re waiting for 2 cabinets that needed replaced because they weren’t the right size and for the granite to be cut.

The new cabinets with my old, pink (yes, pink) counter top so we can at least have a counter for the time being


My living room filled with boxes from my kitchen. If we can't find something we wander around the living room looking in boxes. Fun times.


My puppy dogs. Just because they're cute. Cory is on the left and is 9 mos old. Winston is on the right and is 12 years old.


Kitchen Remodel

This is completely off-topic of writing but I’m so excited and I can barely contain it. Since we got married my husband and I have always lived in older houses and therefore I’ve always had older kitchens. But not anymore! We decided something had to be done with our cabinets and pink (yes, pink!) counter tops. The cabinets literally fell apart every time we closed them. I’m not even kidding. The panels would pop out if we closed them too hard. They were chipped and so old that no amount of scrubbing would make them come clean. I’m almost embarrassed to say that even the contractor said it was in bad shape.

Last week my cabinets and counter tops were ripped out. YAY! Here are the before photos (pay special attention to the pink counters):


After day one:

We’re now at day 4 with no running water in the kitchen. It’s a pain but will be worth it. Of course we have to eat out a lot which makes my frugal husband twitch, but I’m not minding at all. No cooking!