Six Sentence Sunday

Happy Sunday! Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday where a bunch of very talented authors get together and post six sentences from either a current work-in-progress or something already published. My six sentences are from my current wip–a contemporary Knights Templar story.

“You summoned?” Julian leaned a heavily muscled shoulder against a tree and looked down at the toes of his boots as if the dirt caked there was more important than being called by the two most powerful angels. He lifted his head to pierce Michael with a green-eyed stare of impertinence.

Michael’s glare seemed to amuse the Templar, and the more amused Julian became, the more ferocious Michael’s look.

“We need your help,” Gabriel said, intervening before swords clashed—which they were wont to do on occasion.

Julian’s brow rose but he didn’t take his gaze off Michael.


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