I’m a Mac

I bought a Mac the other day. This is a big statement since I’ve been a PC all my life. But after burning through three laptops in less than five years I was fed up with shelling out 400+ dollars for a new laptop.

My daughter bought a Mac in the spring. I own an iPod, an iPhone and my husband has his beloved iPad. I think its safe to say that we’re slowly becoming an Apple family.

This is what I’ve learned this week:

-Apparently with Apple you download apps. There’s an app for just about everything.

-Gmail crashes Thunderbird. They don’t play well together.

-Hotmail doesn’t play well with Outlook which is kinda weird since Hotmail is Microsoft’s email service and Outlook is made by Microsoft.

-I am intimately familiar with SMTP, POP and IMAP services. Just five days ago I had no idea these things even existed.

-I think I’m going to like this Mac. As soon as the learning curve is over. If its ever over.

So what are you? A Mac? Or a PC?