My Bucket List of Places to Visit

It’s time for Friday’s Five! This week I’m listing the top five places I want to visit.

(These aren’t in any sort of order. I’m not picky about what comes first)

1. Scotland – I picture lush green grass, hills and castles. I really, really want to see some castles. Oh, and men in kilts. Can’t forget the men in kilts. And I want to hear the accents. Sigh. The accents

2. England – Anywhere in England. I’d love to see an old English pub and more castles (do you detect a theme here?). I actually have family in England. Well, extended family. My brother-in-law hales from York, I believe but lives in the US now. Why, I don’t know when he can live in ENGLAND.

3. Paris. For the usual reasons. Because it’s a romantic city, because it has so much history and because I’m writing about it right now and would love an up close and personal look. I actually have an invitation for a girl’s weekend away with my SIL in Paris. Wish I could afford it 😦

4. Venice – Part of the book I’m writing now is set in Venice and from my research it sounds like a beautiful, romantic city. Plus I want to ride on a gondola.

5. The Mediterranean – Blue, blue water. White sands. If I had to pick one place, just one, to visit, this would be it.Okay. Your turn. Where would you like to go if you had the chance?


What I Learned This Week

I’m a firm believer that you can always learn something from every situation. This is what I learned this week:

– That rice will dry out electronic devices. In some cases. But not mine :-(. I accidentally washed my son’s iPod. My fault. Not his. I grabbed his clothes off his bedroom floor without warning him and didn’t check his pockets. Then the next day he dropped his cell phone in a puddle. It doesn’t work right either anymore 😦

– That I should peek outside the door before I run out to grab something from my car. In my jammies. Sporting a major case of bed head (sorry, neighbor!)

– Nine days without running water in your kitchen has surpassed “fun” and “adventurous” and has entered into “inconvenient” and “a pain in the posterior”

– I hate packing lunches. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Okay, that’s not something I learned this week. I’ve known that for years, but just felt the need to share because as soon as I write this post I have to pack lunches for tomorrow 😦

– The term “bereaved” comes from Scotland during the border wars. I learned this from Margery Scott, a fellow writer and Scotsman herself (or would that be Scotswoman), from this blog post.

– That Paris during the 18th century was a filthy place to live. That 96% of its population was pretty much destitute and that most of its population were immigrants from other French cities or Switzerland. (All this was discovered while researching my next historical).

What did you learn this week?