Meet Cory

That’s a tennis ball in her mouth and my husband’s shoes on her paws.

In March my husband and I had a blip in our sanity.

We added a dog to our brood.

At the time it seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea. Our other dog, Winston, was getting up there in age. He’s a 12 year old Labrador retriever. We’d heard that a younger dog could really give an older dog a boost of energy.

So we brought Cory home. Well, her name wasn’t Cory, it was Millie. We hated Millie so it took us a day or so to name her. The kids, my husband and I all tossed ideas out there. I was pushing for Sadie, my daughter Josie. The only name we could all agree on was Cory. Named after the Harry Chapin song, Cory’s Coming.

Cory decided that she was going to be the alpha dog of the small 2-dog pack. Or at least she tried. At first Winston was terrified of her and I was heartbroken. What had we done to our mild-mannered, elderly dog? What were we thinking? He’d hide in the corner and peer around the side of the couch, searching the room for the little brown

I think I finally killed it.

and white virago we dared to bring into his den. He would carefully, slowly put one paw out of his hiding place, then another. He’d look around, inch his way closer to the middle of the family room. Then she would race out and he would scurry back into his corner.

While they tried to figure out their place in the pack, my husband and I were fixing her health problems. You see, we paid a whopping $.25 for Cory. Yes, a quarter of a dollar. However, she’d been in the pound for a month and living with all those dogs for so long, she had some problems. $1000 worth of problems.

What were we thinking???

We could have easily gone to a breeder and bought a pure bred for that amount. Yet there’s something about rescuing a dog from the pound. Cory is our second rescue (Winston was not) and we have found that a rescue dog is so grateful. It’s as if they know what fate they dodged.

Oooh, oooh, he has a snack. Drop it, please, pretty please!

Eventually Winston and Cory figured out their place. Winston decided he wasn’t playing those games anymore and quickly showed Cory that he was the alpha dog of this pack. Now, six months later, she’s a happy beta dog, following Winston around, curling up against him at night and snuggling with him.

The other day my husband was petting her and she started crying. We discovered she was suffering from a raging ear infection that required (another) trip to the vet. I felt so horrible for her. She was obviously in pain and wanted nothing more than to snuggle and sleep.

That’s when I new that Cory had wormed her way into my heart.

She’s turned Winston around. He’s found a new lease on life and with a little help from

You don’t see me hiding behind the couch with your kitchen towel.

Glucosomine, he can somewhat keep up with her. They play, they wrestle, they snuggle together.

Why didn’t we do this sooner?

Now I’m wondering why we waited so long to bring this little one into our life.

So what about you? Are you a multiple pet family or a single pet? And if you’re a multiple pet will you go back to being a single pet?