The House of Germs

drugs_flu_treatmentThe Cullen family has been hit hard by the flu. Normally we sail through the flu season with nary a sniffle nor sneeze but this year is different. I’ve heard that this strain of flu has been particularly bad throughout the country.

Fever. Chills. Cough. Ugh.

Yesterday my son was diagnosed with pneumonia. His flu progressed that quickly. Of course this is the kid who rarely gets sick but when he does, watch out! He doesn’t get a cold, he gets pneumonia. He doesn’t get strep throat, he gets mono.

So all of my plans to write are gone beneath the blanket I’ve been huddled under for two days. Sniffles. Cough. Oh, yeah. Fun times.

People keep asking if we got the flu shot. Nope. Never had before, didn’t feel a need to now. I’m of the opinion that it’s best to use my body’s own immune system to protect itself. Will I get a flu shot next year? Probably not, but I might for my son who can’t seem to get an ordinary cold.

What about you? Do you get a flu shot every year?