Yesterday my youngest and I dragged out the Halloween/Fall decorations and decorated the house. Today is October 2nd. I have to remind myself of that because on one of my social networking sites a friend was talking about Christmas shopping.

She said she usually has a closet full of Christmas presents by now and hasn’t even started shopping this year. She was heading out specifically to Christmas shop!

This is foreign to me.

I start my Christmas lists in August and add to it as I surreptitiously listen to my children. But to shop? I don’t think so.

Usually my husband and I will take my list and knock it out in a few evenings of shopping in mid-December.

So what about you? Do you Christmas shop early or do you wait until the last minute like me?


6 thoughts on “Merry….Christmas?

  1. These last few years have been very lean for us as far as presents go. This year will be even more so due to unexpected expenses. So, we make Christmas about the reason, more than gift giving. Then try to hit the after sales in January and give our presents later when it’s more affordable.

  2. When the kids were small I would go way overboard. Part of the reason was I tended to start early in the year and just kept adding to the stash. lol Now that the kids are older I find if I do my shopping in December they still get what they want but I don’t overspend.

  3. we’re very early shoppers – my husband is just *sliiiiiightly* a nut for plans. At first it was weird to me, but not I’m really glad we’re through shopping (mostly) by Thanksgiving because it leaves more time to enjoy the holidays through New Years.

  4. I start shopping the day after Christmas, hitting the sales. At least I used to, before I started working retail. Now, that’s the last thing I want to do. So, now, I start around the middle of November.

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